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Aerogel is a nanostructured material, composed of 90% of pores filled with gaz, which makes it a very light density solid and gives it a high insulating power. It is from 2 to 3 times more performant than standard insulation, like polystyrène (EPS). This means that 10cm of aerogel reaches the same thermical capacity than 25cm of EPS.

The thinness of this material makes it possible to place insulation where a standard material would be too thick. It can also be used for esthetical reasons, such as to preserve a patrimonial value. It can be found in granules, panels or sealant form.


In addition to its excellent insulating capacity, it also lets the steam spread, which allows to remove the steam barriere of the construction. It is also hydrophobic and does not absorb liquids. 


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